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Acupuncture: Good for You

Getting Used To Wearing A Hearing Aid For The First Time

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People tend to not notice things change when they are gradual and close to the thing. An excellent example of this your child growing up with you. Someone who has not seen the child for a long time will inevitably comment on how they have grown, yet you have hardly noticed. The same principle works for loss of hearing. The gradual and personal process means that you are not fully aware of how your hearing has decreased. This is why it can be quite the transition process after you have hearing aids fitted and start to use them. This article...

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Four Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

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Every face looks beautiful with a smile on it. A good smile can make your confidence soar. If you are unhappy with your smile, then you may be considering cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is an elective procedure that can enhance the beauty of your smile. Here are four types of cosmetic dentistry. Teeth Whitening Teeth whitening is the least expensive, easiest form of cosmetic dentistry that you can use to brighten up your smile in a short period of time. There are at-home kits that you can get with varying results. To get the best...

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How To Know When A Backache Is More Than Just A Pain

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Back pain isn’t always what it says on the tin. From time to time, an ache, spasm, twinge or jolt of pain around your spine may be indicative of something a little more sinister than a few sore muscles. However, given how pulling a muscle in your back is such a typically painful process, serious medical conditions can often masquerade as muscle strain or inflammation when in reality other areas of the body are crying out for help. Discussed below are other parts of the human anatomy that have the potential to voice their discomfort...

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Enamel, Dentin and Pulp Fractures: A Guide to Pulp Therapy and Partial Pulpotomy

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If you have broken a tooth and can see the light, dark and red components underneath, you have a dental emergency in your hands. Enamel, dentin and pulp fractures are serious and require medical attention within 24 hours, as this is the window when maintaining the vitality of the pulp may still be possible via pulp therapy or partial pulpotomy. Pulp Therapy If the Minimal Pulp Is Exposed If a minimal amount of pulp is exposed, the emergency dentist may recommend pulp therapy. This involves rinsing the exposed pulp with sterile saline to...

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How to Check Your Blood Pressure at Home & Why it’s Important

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Your blood pressure is a good indicator of your overall health. Yet you don’t have to wait until you visit the doctor in order to monitor it, as you can pick up blood pressure monitoring machines at a pharmacy like Spencer Street Pharmacy. What should you do in order to monitor and record your blood pressure and why is it important? Beware of the Silent Killer Uncontrolled high blood pressure is sometimes known as “the silent killer,” because it has no symptoms as such. Without your knowledge it could be damaging arteries,...

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3 Drug-free Treatment Options For Lower Back Pain When You’re Pregnant

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Lower back pain is a common complaint in pregnancy and can be caused by the extra strain on your pelvis as a result of your growing uterus and baby. This strain can cause your spine to move out of alignment as your body tries to balance itself, and you may find yourself leaning backwards to compensate for the extra weight you’re carrying at the front of your body. Try to avoid doing this, as it only puts additional stress on your lower back. When you’re pregnant, you’ll want to avoid prescription medication as much as...

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4 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

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When it comes to having a healthy and safe pregnancy, unfortunately many women listen to myths and untruths while ignoring real tips from medical experts. For example, some women believe you shouldn’t carry anything while pregnant or shouldn’t engage in any type of sexual activity, or that swimming in a chlorinated pool can be dangerous for a pregnant woman. While every woman should follow the advice of her doctor when it comes to activity and what she should avoid, note a few tips for a healthy pregnancy that every woman should...

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Tips for Buying Over-the-counter Medication

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There are various types of medication that can be bought without a doctor’s prescription. Such medicines are referred to as over-the-counter drugs and are used to treat common ailments such as stomach ulcers, coughs and colds.   The fact over-the counter drugs are sold without a prescription makes them easily and therefore susceptible to misuse and abuse. It is for this reason that one should be very careful when purchasing medication over the counter.  The article below provides a few tips to remember the next to remember...

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Benefits Of Cataract Surgery

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Cataract surgery is the operative procedure used to correct eye cataracts. If you are not familiar with cataracts, this is the blurring of the front lens, which causes a cloudy or glassy appearance on the eye. Cataracts are common with people over 50 years but do develop in younger patients as well. The lens’ blurring causes distorted vision and light interference. After an examination, your eye care specialist can advise cataract surgery to correct the anomaly. The benefits of undergoing this procedure are as follows.  Improved...

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A surprising way to treat your urinary incontinence

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Urinary incontinence is an embarrassing problem suffered by many women. In fact, approximately 50% of women in Australia are affected by incontinence. You may think the only treatment is surgery, but physiotherapy may be able to give you the relief you need.   What is urinary incontinence? Although most common in women who have had children or are experiencing menopause, urinary incontinence can occur at any age. Studies have shown that 13% of 18 year old women are affected by the condition. The urinary incontinence can either be...

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